If you realize your internet speed is running slower than the mentioned speed by the internet provider. And you got to check the wireless connectivity. Or just try to cast media to your TV but can’t recognize the devices. Then you might suspect your neighbors for stealing your Wi-Fi. So, check whos on your wifi and cut them off.
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As the technology is upgrading and Wi-Fi being a technology, it is obvious that Wi-Fi passwords can be cracked down. So, to check your Wi-Fi is being stole you can read below.

You may be thinking, what’s the problem if you are sharing the Wi-Fi to others unknowingly? But the thing is, if someone is accessing your Wi-Fi unknowingly. Then they might have access to the all the devices that is connected with in the same network. If someone is a hacker with in that area and connected to your Wi-Fi. Then they might have all the data and information from your devices to them. This can get serious if they are a bad hacker. Still stay away from the unknown and unwanted users.
So, you should always make sure that the devices that are connected on your device the trusted ones that you know. To check these things, there are free software available on internet.

For windows:

Windows users can have the program named “Wireless Network Watcher” on the internet. You can download the program from its website and it is totally free. As you download the mentioned zip file from the website, you can install it and run it on your own.
check whos on your wifi
To use Wireless Network Watcher, start by launching the program on your PC. As it gets open, the scanning process is started immediately. So, make sure your device is connected to the internet network that you want to scan. If it doesn’t start automatically, then you will see green play button which is start scanning button on the top left corner. The scanning will take some time and you will know if it is working or not by watching the bottom left corner of the program window reads “Scanning…”. As the scan gets completed, the message will disappear and you will get a list of connected devices on that particular network.
From the device list, you can check whether the connected ones are known and trusted device or not. You can double click on the device to add user text if there is no user text. By this, you can check whos on your wifi and narrow down all the devices from the list.

For MacOS:

Mac users can have the program name called “Who is on my Wi-Fi”. The program can be downloaded from the internet browser through their website. Or even from the Mac App Store.
As you get the program installed on your mac, you can launch it and choose the option “Yes, set up continuous automatic scanning” which will pop up on the screen. Then you can proceed ahead to next window, where you will be seeing that the program is scanning through your network. You will know if it is running or not by seeing the “Scanning” message in the upper right-side corner. The scanning will take few minutes meanwhile you can wait. After the scan completes, you will get a list of devices that are connected on your network.
check whos on your wifi
From the device list, you can check if the devices shown are the trusted and known ones. If not, you can unchecked the “known device” option from the description tab. This will make sure that the devices connected in your network are safe and known.
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