Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating system available in the world. Powering the majority of desktop computers and laptops. Windows provide simple GUI interface for users to interact with variety of features which can be modified.
If you are the user of Windows 10 then you may be familiar with changing wallpapers, and applying screensaver. And even applying new themes, icons, etc, but what about taskbar. When it comes to macOS, the application dock is situated at the center. On windows taskbar is present at the left side of the screen. And we know that there’s no option to move it to the center. In this article we are here to share you one of the best Windows 10 customization idea to place taskbar icon to the center.

Centering the Taskbar Icons in Windows 10

Note: There are plenty of third party software available in order to move the taskbar icons to the center, but let’s do it without any type of those software.
Step 1: First of all, Right click on the taskbar and unchecked “Lock the taskbar” option initially.
center the windows 10 taskbar icons
Step 2: Then, Right click on the Taskbar again, then navigate through Toolbar  to click on the New Toolbar option.
center the windows 10 taskbar icons
Step 3: There you will need to Create a new folder simply by shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+N”.
centering-taskbar-icon, how to center taskbar icons
Step 4: After that, on the taskbar you’ll see the new folder, which you will need to drag it in to the middle of the taskbar.
Step 5: And, assign the most used application of yours on that particular new folder.
Step 6: Then, you can Right click on the new folder then uncheck the option “Show text” and “Show title”.
center the windows 10 taskbar icons
Step 7: At last, Your icons will appear on center of the taskbar.
In short, this is how you’ll be able to place the icon on the center of the taskbar in Windows 10. Hope this article helped you achieve it. If you’ve any question associated to it, let us know within the comment section and share along with your friends if you liked it.


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