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Honor is one of the top Chinese smartphone manufacturing companies. Honor recently became an independent brand (2020). Before that, Honor was a sub-brand of Huawei. Huawei used to manufacture smartphones under honor branding. Honor branding was first seen in 2013 under Huawei’s brand. This brand offers a midrange and budget mobiles.

Honor Nepal

It’s not long that Honor smartphones were seen in Nepal. It was 2018, when the first Honor device was launched in Nepal. The authorized distributor of Honor phones in Nepal is Kratos Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Honor mobile phones are not much popular in Nepal due the high price range. Similar specs smartphones can be found at a cheaper rate in the country.

Honor Mobiles Price in Nepal

There are very few devices of Honor available in Nepal. However, a variety of devices are available from entry level to mid-premium smartphones. The available Honor mobiles in Nepal are listed below in table with their prices.

Honor Mobiles in Nepal Price in Nepal 
Honor 7SRs. 10,890 (2/16 GB)
Honor 8SRs. 11,590 (2/32 GB)
Honor 8ARs. 13,590 (2/32 GB)
Honor 8S ProRs. 13,800 (3/64 GB)
Honor 7ARs. 14,990
Honor 8A LiteRs. 14,299 (3/32 GB)
Honor 8A ProRs. 15,699 (3/64 GB)
Honor 10 LiteRs. 17,999 (3/32 GB) Rs. 20,399 (3/64 GB)
Honor 8XRs. 21,999 (4/64 GB) Rs. 30,500 (4/128 GB)
Honor 9X LiteRs. 23,999 (4/128 GB)
Honor PlayRs. 28,090 (4/64 GB)
Honor 9XRs. 28,990 (6/128 GB)
Honor 20 LiteRs. 31,250 (4/128 GB)


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