Hisense is one of the top tv brands renowned for its budget-friendly models. Africa and china have always been fans of this brand due to its contrast and realistic picture quality.

But nothing is perfect: this TV also might come with a few flaws. The most common Hisense TV problem is that the TV won’t turn on. Imagine getting such an excellent tv, but it refuses even to turn on.

hisense roku tv i not turning on

Despite this, you should not worry about it much as many Hisense tv users face it. Similarly, Hisense TV troubleshooting is an easy task and in no time, with a simple solution, your TV will be up and running. However, if you don’t want to face these problems in the first place, consider reading our guide to picking the best smart tv.

Now let’s get into our content, but before that, let’s find out why these problems are seen on your Hisense tv.

Reason for Hisense TV not Turning On

Power supply interrupted

Any device needs a significant amount of power to work. The case is the same with your Hisense Roku smart tv. A simple fluctuation like the power outlet, strip, power supply adapter, or any other part of your power delivery system may cause it. These simple fluctuations may become a cause for your tv that won’t turn on.

Hardware and software problems

Some hardware and software problems can affect the power supply or current flow. They also interfere with the transmission of electric signals and their flow.

Faculty remote

Just the tv might not be the problem in some cases. We all know the role of the remote in tv. So you should check whether the remote has properly fixed batteries and ensure they are not worn out.

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Fixes for Hisense Tv that won’t turn on.

If your Hisense tv isn’t turning on, firstly make sure the power cord is plugged in properly with your tv, and then try a different socket too. If the tv still won’t turn on, try removing the plug for 60 seconds and plugging it back in.

Further, if your Hisense tv still has no update, you can follow a few more methods that have proven helpful to other users before taking it to a repair shop.

Make sure your tv is turned on.

Your Hisense TV might be working fine, but the wall plug may have some issues. The TV might not get the required power supply; therefore, it might sometimes face issues while turning on.

Your tv may turn on and off without your consent. It may also be the result of loose connectivity on the outlet.

Find out whether your wall socket is the main problem:

  1. Unplug your TV from the socket
  2. Then check if other devices, especially those requiring a higher power supply, are working fine.
  3. Check if your tv is working in other sockets.
  4. Turn on the switch
  5. Check if the red power light is on.

If your tv still is working on other sockets, you should consult an electrician.

Check your power cord’s health.

When the tv has a damaged power cord, it may not get the necessary power supply. The tv may turn on or off depending on the electricity provided.

To examine the power cord:

  1. Make sure both the ends of the cord are not damaged
  2. Make sure all the wires are present and connected properly
  3. Try using other electrical appliances, especially the ones that need a higher current supply.
  4. Use a different power cord for your tv.

If this step does not work, you must take your tv for a repair as it indicates damage inside it.

Disconnect other devices

Some models of Hisense tv are designed in such a way that they will automatically go into standby mode when it lacks an input source. The tv’s AI causes it.

If you are connecting a set-top box, smart box, cable box, or streaming box, your tv may go into standby mode if the devices or wires are defective. It leads to no picture but a proper sound facility. Your Hisense tv will provide you with a black screen or screen distortion.

Here’s how you can solve the black screen problem

  1. Restart your tv and notice whether it lights up momentarily before turning black.
  2. Cycle through its input device to check which one works fine with your tv.
  3. Try plugging other input devices into the same connection to check if it works
  4. If none of the steps work, try using different HDMI cables and wires.

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Check your tv remote

if you are using the tv remote but still the tv doesn’t respond, try to check the blinking red light of your tv. If it has a red blinking right, it means the power supply is just on point.

So if you find out that your tv remote is not working, try another remote if available.

Try repositioning your remote and removing the objects that may be coming between it and the Hisense tv.

Follow the following steps if still the problem is not fixed:

  1. Test your remote on another Hisense tv.
  2. Check if other devices are coming on the way.
  3. Replace your old batteries
  4. Replace your remote if it does not seem to work.

Helpful tip: press and hold the channel down and volume up buttons on your tv remote for a few seconds. This tip might help turn on your tv.

Do a reset on your Hisense TV.

The Hisense TV updates and installs its firmware over the air frequently. Some latest updates with bugs or mistakenly done changes cause your tv to behave strangely. For example, if the red light on your tv blinks several times but doesn’t turn on

Now the only way to fix this at home is to reset your tv:

  1. Remove the devices and the power cable of your tv
  2. Find your power button on your Hisense tv.
  3. Once you find the button, press it for 30 seconds. It results in draining all power from the tv.
  4. Do not turn on your tv before 20-30 minutes.
  5. Turn on your tv and check if the problem is solved.

Check if the backlight is on.

The most common hardware problem faced by Hisense tv users is faulty led backlights.

If this is the case, your tv won’t show pictures, but the sound and red power lights will work. Faulty led lights are caused due to short circuit in the mainboard or power board circuitry.

Follow these steps if that’s the issue.

  1. Point a turned-on flashlight on your tv at a close range
  2. Observe if any images and words are visible on display. If you see either of them, your backlight circuit may be broken.

If the lights are broken, you may replace them with the help of a repair person.

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Common hardware problems

If none of the solutions solve your problem, you may have a hardware problem.

Some common hardware issues that may need a device replacement:

  1. If a red power light flashes when you click on the power button, then the power board is damaged and needs a replacement
  2. Similarly, if the power remains red without a blink when you turn on your tv, the problem is evolved from the mainboard.
  3. If you unplugged your tv in a rush while it was still working or turned on and now it’s not working, you probably blew the main fuse.
  4. If your new tv has lousy coloring, dim screen, flickering display, or does not turn on at all. Then it’s the issue with the bad capacitors.

Try to claim your TV’s warranty and get another one as soon as these problems are seen or get it repaired by a skilled one.


Is there a reset button on my Hisense tv?

No, the reset button is unavailable, but you may reset your tv by the procedures mentioned earlier. We have tried to mention the easiest ways to reset the Hisense tv.


Hisense televisions are built to be solid and reliable. The problems you may be facing are straightforward to solve at home.

Before taking it to a repair shop, try the above solutions, and if they don’t seem to fit in, you can try your idea. If nothing seems to work, you can consider exchanging it with the help of your warranty card.

Did you succeed in turning on your Hisense tv? If yes, how? and if no, tell us your issues. Make sure to leave me a comment.


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