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It been over a year, we have been hearing about Google’s file sharing feature similar to Apple’s AirDrop. First it was labeled as “Fast Share”, then renamed to “Nearby Sharing” and finally Google confirmed it to “Nearby Share”.  It will allow users to share files between devices quickly and wirelessly. However, the feature hasn’t release yet for all user, it is available as a public beta program. Further, Google plans to launch the feature starting this August for all android users running Android 6 and above.

Apple’s AirDrop allows user to share anything form and between iPhone to iPad to Mac without any setup or extra application. Similarly, Nearby Share would work in the same way. It will allow you to share anything from photos, music, videos, contacts, links and more between any deice running on Android.

If you can’t wait till August but want to test the feature, you can enroll n beta program. To get enroll, all you need to do is sign up as a beta tester for Google Play Services. You can do that by logging in to Googe Play Store and opting into the beta listing. After sometimes, an update appears. Quickly update it and you should be able to see Nearby Share in the share sheet.

For sharing the content, Nearby Share will look for other devices nearby with it enabled. It cannot share content to unknown users. Thus, make sure that the receiver phone is visible. After that, both the user should manually confirm before the sharing occurs. Further, you can adjust the settings like who can see you device and how things ate shared.

Nearby Share relies on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for it to function behind the scene. Bluetooth establishes the connection whereas Wi-Fi is for transferring data.

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Will Nearby Share roll out for other platforms ?

Google has plans to bring support for the sharing feature to other platform as well. Platforms like Windows, ChromeOS, macOS and Linux. The feature has been spotted on the ChromeOS Canary build. Similarly, an early version of the feature has already been added to certain Linux repositories. Thus, sooner or later we will be enjoying this features in all the platforms.


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