On March 3rd Google decided to cancel the physical Google I/O 2020 event. Which was supposed to take place in California in May. Due to the ongoing spread of the novel corona virus. The company wanted to hold it online instead but now the whole thing is shattered. Google canceled the online version of the event too.
Out of Concern regarding the spread of the novel corona virus. Google has cancelled the event as the COVID-19 epidemic has turned into a global pandemic. Though the event has been cancelled, the search giant will share the ongoing Android updates through its developer blog and community forums.
google io
Usually at I/O, Google shows off the new features coming to Android and other Google services. Also they used to feature new google hardware. The event was set to take place from the 12th – 14th May in its headquarter. But as it’s been cancelled and its uncertain when the company will reveal those updates.
As there’s a ‘Shelter in Place’ order by the Bay Area Government in California, Google has decided to cancel the I/O completely concerning the health of its staff and local communities.
Google isn’t the only one to cancel the events. Similarly, Facebook F8 conference, Microsoft Build and Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference wouldn’t be held physically instead they would go online.


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