If you spend a lot of time on a Windows computer or laptop, you may want to see phone notifications on windows PC. Just to avoid using mobile from time to time for notifications coming to mobile.

In this case, why not merge the notification coming to the mobile to your working PC? If so, you can find out what notifications are coming to your mobile while you are working.

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To start getting phone notifications on your Windows:

The first thing that you need to know is some information about your mobile and PC first. This means that your PC needs to be updated. Similarly, the mobile must be running at least Android 7.0. In that case, you can get an app called ‘Your Phone’ on your PC.

Which is already made available by the company since the April 2018 update of Windows. This means you don’t have to worry about downloading.

Follow steps mentioned below to get phone notifications on your Windows:

Download and Sign in

First thing is to download the “Your Phone Companion” application in your smartphone. As you download the app on your mobile, sign in with your Microsoft account and tap on ‘Continue’.

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At the same time, the app will ask you for the necessary permission on the mobile. To do so, tap ‘Continue’ again. As soon as you tap ‘Continue’, the app will initially ask for access to your contact number. Similarly, the phone will ask for access to your photo and file and your SMA, all of them, continue forward.

After giving permission to all these things, on the next screen, the app will ask you for access to run in the background of the mobile. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.

As soon as you click on ‘Continue’, a ‘pop-up’ notification will appear. This app contains information that will run continuously in the background of your mobile. Below that, there are the options ‘Deny’ and ‘Allow’.

If you want to keep your mobile connected to your PC constantly, do tap on ‘Allow’. With that, the work on your phone is done.

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Steps to follow on your Windows PC

Now go to the laptop or computer you are using and go to the ‘Start Menu’ of Windows, search for ‘Your Phone’ and click on it.

your phone app on windows, get notifications on windows

After clicking on it, the app will automatically detect your phone if you use the same Microsoft account you signed in on your mobile earlier.

If not, when you open an app called ‘Your Phone’ application on your PC, it will give you the option of which phone you are using, Android or iPhone.

connect phone and pc to receive notifications

In the case of the iPhone, the app is not as effective as it does not send the entire notification. Click on an option and then click on the ‘Continue’ option below it. Clicking on Continue will prompt you to download an app called ‘Your Phone Companion‘ on your mobile.

Since you have already downloaded and set it up, proceed by clicking on the small box (Yes, I have installed your phone companion) below it. At the same time, a notification will come to your mobile. In which you will be asked to connect to the PC.

Click on the ‘Allow’ option in it. With that, a welcome message will come to your PC. Below that, if you want to pin the app to the taskbar, click on the ‘Pin App to Taskbar’ option and click on ‘Get Started’.

After doing so, you will get information about various features available in the app. There will be ‘See My Notification’, ‘Sent Text Message’ and ‘View My Photo’ options. Click on the notification.

transfer notification, get notifications

Clicking there will ask for permission to notify your phone. When you click on ‘Open Settings on Phone’, your mobile will receive a ‘pop-up notification’. Click on the ‘Open’ option in the notification and turn on ‘Allow Notification Access’.

Start Receiving Notifications on Windows PC from your Phone

After all these steps followed properly, you will start receiving phone notifications on your windows PC. You can also set messages and photos.

In that case, you can read and reply to the message coming to your mobile from the computer. Also, you can easily see the photos/ media.


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