Google has announced major improvements to its upcoming storage policy. These improvements will have a huge impact on current Google’s account holders.

Google will discontinue the free unlimited high-quality photo backup option it has been offering on Google Photos since June 2021. Also, all new file documents created in Google Sits, Docs, Firms or other Google services will not be able to fit in the 15 GB storage quota.

free google account storage space

Also, another big change is that if you have been relying on Google services like Gmail, Google Photos for a long time, your 15 GB of data is running out fast. If you’re worried about Google’s upcoming storage policy, free up storage space by deleting junk files from Gmail and Photos.

How to free Google’s Account Storage?

1. Get an overview of the storage used

Before emptying your Google Account storage, get an overview of how the storage is being used. Sometimes the large files you uploaded many years ago and the photos you uploaded to Google Photos may have taken up space in that storage.

Visit the Google One page to see an overview of the storage used in Google Drive, Photos and Family Sharing.

2. Use Google Storage Manager

Google also has its own storage manager. It can help you empty your Google Account storage. This manager allows users to overview Gmail emails, spam emails and large files.

3. Delete old emails

If you’ve been using email for a long time, your Gmail may be cluttered with old attachments. How much space is being consumed by such garbage in your Gmail? Delete such emails.

You can search for ‘has attachment’ in Gmail’s search box to filter emails with attachments and delete old ones. You can also remove large and bulky emails by searching ‘larger 10 mb’. This is a quick and easy way to find and delete heavy emails. 

You can also retrieve important and old emails from your Gmail account using the Mailstore. This is a free email archive software. Once loaded, you can delete old mails from your entire account.

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4. Compress photos in Google Photos

If you have a backup of Google Photos for the original quality of the photo, switch it to High Quality mode. It compresses all your old photos. So that your photo can fit in 15 GB space quota.

But it will not work after June 2021. Because there will be no high-quality upload photo feature. However, don’t forget to always compress your photos. But a good option is to compress your photos and videos to high-quality using the Recover Storage option.

5. Empty Google Bean

Once you delete a file from your Gmail or Google Drive, those files are moved to Trash. Even after deleting those files, your storage becomes empty.

5. Stop using backup and sync

If you back up files to your Google Drive using Google Backup or Sync, stop this habit. You can use Dropbox instead.

You can also open another Gmail for backup. If you have a lot of large files on your PC, it shouldn’t take up too much space on your main Google Account.

free google account storage space

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6. Buy Google One Storage

If all the above methods do not clear your storage, purchase additional storage using Google One. Its price is also very low. Google charges you $1.99 per month for 100 GB of storage.


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