Android Resource Linking Failed is one of the standard error messages encountered by Android developers while working with Android Studio. Most Android developers find difficulty in figuring out the exact cause of the issue, which remains unsolved. In this context, debugging a code is always boring and painful.

Although, the Android resource linking failed error is not a severe issue. Still, it is better to know how these types of problems occur. Then what exact reasons could be the problem. In this article, you will know not only the reason behind the issue, but you will also know how to fix the android resource linking failed error. And hopefully, you will be able to fix it.

Error: failed linking file resources – The Cause

When you face an Android resource linking failure on android studio, the first thing that comes to mind is why and how it occurs.

Generally, this error occurs when the Android Studio Gradle encounters inaccuracies in one or more of your XML files. It may sometimes be a syntax error, arrangement mistake, or simple typo.

Though the XML files are positioned in the res folder, you need to check whether any files are positioned outside of the folder, and you have to debug or fix that too.

A simple example is given below, which might help you create a clear concept about it.

A layout file that probably gives the Android resource linking failed error looks roughly like this:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<shape xmlns:android=”” android:shape=”rectangle” >
android:type=”linear” />

Not down the android:endCollor attribute.

These simple errors can still cause a lot of annoyance while trying to work.

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Android Resource Linking Failed Error – The answer

You must check each XML file and look for the issue to fix this error. Just run the code, and the Android Studio will help you most of the time discover and figure out the issue. Because the advanced version of Android Studio will pinpoint most of the errors, you can save time debugging it.

Whether or not you are using an older version of the Android Studio, the error would not be specific or exact, which will take some time to debug.

Furthermore, if you are having trouble with a specific number of XML files, it might be a frustrating job to get rid of them. So to tackle this tiresome situation, we have brought you some quick ways to find out the file and resolve the issue quickly. If you follow these resolutions correctly, you can get rid of this error.

Let’s fix the Android resource linking failed error.

1. Open and Check Every XML Files

One of the techniques is manually opening every XML file without scanning or running. Open and Check Every XML File is supportive because Android Studio will detect any errors when you open a file and underline the codes where the issue has crept in. You can quickly identify and resolve the issue without many annoyances.

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2. Use Strack Trace/run a stack trace

It’s okay to detect errors by checking every XML file.

But what if you are working on a large project? Is it imaginable to check every XML file?

I guess it’s unmanageable.

So, what is the solution for detecting errors in a large project?

It’s reasonable that if you have a big project, it will be a terrifying job to check each XML file. So one of the finest workarounds for this error is to open the Android Studio Terminal and run a Stacktrace. It will demonstrate to you which file is causing the issue. Run the following data in the Android Studio terminal to do a stack trace.

Gradle build –stacktrace

3. Undo Previous Changes And Detect Errors

Undoing Previous Changes And Detecting Errors is another hack you can follow to be freed of the Android resource linking failed errors. Undoing the last changes may sometimes help you instantly. This issue will usually get to your feet halfway through a development project. One of the latest changes is responsible for causing such an error. So just reverting the last commits can help you block this situation in time.

It is not an exclusive method. For this to do, press CTRL + Z to revert a single change. Likewise, debug the code after each undoes and quickly discover where the error is. Once you find it out, you can correct it quickly as it’s not a big deal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What complications arise with android resource linking failed errors?

When you face a resource linking failed error, the application you are developing will crash or not work.

What is the cause behind resource linking failure?

There are several reasons for this error, including XML files, malware, buggy software, typo, etc.

What is the error of android resource linking failed error in android studio?

The error of Android resource linking failure is that the app is not capable enough to find the essential resources for running or working on a device. The most probable reason for this error is an issue with your Gradle built, or configuration.

Final Thoughts

We have provided three solutions for restoring the android resource linking error. Before reading this article, you had little knowledge on restoring android resources linking failed errors. Hopefully, by now, you have learned a few workarounds to troubleshoot the android and get rid of the error. If you have additional questions about this subject, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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