The final version of the Nagarik app has been officially made public. It is designed to provide all government services as much as possible from a single app. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Sunday launched the Nagarik App on the occasion of Information and Communication Technology Day.

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Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Parbat Gurung had unveiled the beta version of the Nagarik app on January 20. The app aims to save time and reduce hustle while applying for government services. During the beta state, the app has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. Similarly, more than 191,000 users have been registered in the app.

Further, in the beta state, 3,000 people have received police clearance reports from the Nagarik app. Also, the number of people taking PAN numbers from the app has crossed 10,000.

Nagarik App Features

As Nepal aims for digital Nepal, various public and government sector has started providing online services. There are many apps from government side that offers services asperity. But the Nagarik App comes to an existence to accommodate all the services provided the government in a single platform. It has always been cumbersome to use separate websites and apps for different government services. Therefore easing the process all the information related to general public will be accessible from a single app. All the necessary details about Nagarikta, passport and voter identity card can be obtained from the app.

The app facilitates to view your details in the Nagarik Investment Fund, Employees Provident Fund and Social Security Fund in the app without having to open three different websites. The service, Hello Government run by the government to listen to the grievances of the people is also attached to it.

Educational details

Educational details of SLC and +2 level are also kept in the app. Recently, the facility of viewing health insurance information has also been added to it.

Since the beta version of the Nagarik app has been made public, there has been a facility to get a permanent account number. And for some time now, a police clearance report has also been obtained from it.

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Users can link to their Nagarik app by verifying email. Earlier, it was possible to open an account of a Nagarik app only from the numbers of Nepal Telecom and Ncell, but recently Smart Telecom has also been added to the app.

With this, it is now possible to open a Nagarik app account from any mobile number in Nepal. However, the mobile number must be in your own name.

Solutions for Errors

If in case you didn’t find your Citizenship or error occurs while opening the account, an arrangement has been made to request for its solution from the app. Also, if any error is occurs in the voter identity card, passport, PAN and educational details, soon there will be provision to correct them from the app.

Vehicle revenue and renewal fees can now be paid through the Nagarik app. In addition, you can view, print your Lalpurja and pay your land tax online from the app.

The status of your land in land reform will be known, the service will be provided by the app including taking recommendations from the local level and paying taxes. There is a QR code that can verify Nagarik identity from the app.

With the help of which, the service facility of opening a bank account has been provided through the app. Now, it has been announced that it will be used for filling up public service forms, purchasing SIM cards, government and public services.

Nagarik App Comes to Web

Until now the services delivered by Nagarik app were available through application only. Now, the same services that the app has been providing can be used from the website. Yes, you can now visit the to use the services.


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