Facebook recently launched dark mode for desktop version, and by far users did liked it. Dark mode was mostly wanted by all users as, most of the social sites had already came with one. It seemed like most of the users are active from a mobile phone where still dark mode isn’t there.

Now, Facebook has started testing dark mode support for mobile app as well. Some of the Facebook users on Twitter claims that the Facebook dark mode in mobile app is being testing on. Similarly, a report came out where it has been confirmed by the company that the new dark mode feature is being tested now. But very small percentage of users globally has been selected to tested. Both Android and iOS users has been getting the new updates.

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Facebook hasn’t announced any news related to launch of the dark mode. However, it is expected to launched soon. As per the report, including screenshots, it seems like the option to enable dark mode on mobile application will appear on Setting & Privacy section of the app. Whereas, other social media apps owned by Facebook has dark mode featured on it. Including Facebook lite, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Desktop users can enable the dark mode from a toggle button from the drop-down options of account section tab. Also, desktop users need to upgrade to the newer version of Facebook. Users are also able to turn off the dark mode as per their requirements.

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Image Source: 9to5mac

Being one of the users who got dark mode before the launch. I saw many drawbacks that time. Where I didn’t get most of the old features, I had got problems on managing the page and settings as well. But as it got launched, all the problems were solved as it was only for testing. Similarly, mobile apps will be following the problems in the new dark mode test. But soon, it will be fix and launched.

Dark mode on Facebook mobile apps will be much helpful for daily nonstop users, as it will be a relief for eyes as well. So, hope to see the dark mode soon in the mobile apps officially.


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