Most of the time I come across people searching for a way to download a Twitter video. The video is often interesting, really funny, cute, or something important, and people just want to download it. But the video is only available on Twitter and the platform doesn’t allow users to download due to copyright rules.

However, there are ways to download Twitter videos but it’s a little tricky. But don’t worry I will provide you easiest ways to download videos from Twitter on your mobile phone or computer. So without wasting time let’s get started.

ways to download twitter videos on iPhone, android and computer

Download Twitter Videos & GIF Online on Desktop

You can download your Twitter video from your laptop or computer easily using third-party websites, applications or extensions. There are plenty of them but here I will discuss some of the best websites to download Twitter videos on your computer along with steps.

How to Download Twitter videos on computer?

Though I have mentioned different websites in this article the steps are more or less similar. They are as follows.

Step 1: Open the tweet containing the video and copy the tweet URL.

Step 2: Paste it in the text box of any website mentioned below and press Enter.

Step 3: The website will analyze the link and provide you with different download options based on quality.

Step 4: Click on any one of them. Generally, higher numbers mean better quality.

Along with desktop, these steps can be followed to save twitter video to your camera roll on iPhone and Android as well.

Top Websites to download Twitter videos

  • SaveTweetVid
  • Download-Twitter-Videos
  • TWSaver
  • GetMyTweet
  • GetfVid
  • KeepDownloading
  • sssTwitter


SaveTweetVid is an amazing free tool to download and save videos and GIFs from Twitter. It is available as a browser extension and a web app. The extension is compatible with all the available latest browsers.

This tool is a quick way to download mp4, mp3, and GIFs files for free. It quickly extracts video from the tweet and allows you to save the audio, video to your computer or other mobile devices. The best part is it is available for free and available in a different language.

TwitterVdeoDownloader is one of the best free web apps to download your favorite video from Twitter. It allows you to download GIFs as well. The UI is interactive and simple to use. It will easily extract Twitter video to mp4 within some seconds which you can save on your computer, or mobile phone.


Download-Twitter-Videos, an easy-to-use web extension, and a website that allows you to download free Twitter Video (mp4). It downloads the video directly from the Twitter server and your download history won’t get saved.

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Here’s another downloader that lets you download tweet videos for free. You can choose between 270P, 360P, and 720P video options. With this tool, you can save videos and gifs on Desktop, MAC, iPhone, or Android without and a third-party application.


Another website on the list is GetMyTweet. It is a trusted application that is 100% safe to use. It uses the Twitter CDN server for extracting the video.

GetMyTweet converts videos into MP4, MP3, and the x-mpegURL formats and works on all the devices.


GetfVid is all one tool to download videos from social media. It not only downloads Twitter videos but also from Facebook. It is faster, secure, and free of spam and ads.

Additionally, it can download MP4 and MP3 files.

You can completely trust this tool. It doesn’t keep a history of your download nor saves your video. You can completely maintain your anonymity.


KeepDownloading is another all-in-one video downloader that not only downloads Twitter videos but also videos from another platform. It supports a total of 11 different platforms namely Dailymotion, WWE, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, iFunny, Vimeo, Imgur, LinkedIn, Likee, Snapchat, and Tumblr.

Like another website on the list, it works smoothly both on desktop and mobile. There’s also an option to choose between different qualities for video.

Another great option to download a Twitter video is a It allows you to download the video as well as convert it to MP3. You also get the option to choose video quality.


TWDownload can be a great alternative if in case any of these doesn’t work. It might be also an option if you want to download the Instagram video as well.

It is an easy-to-use tool that lets you download your content with just a few clicks.


sssTwitter is one of the reliable video downloaders which allows you to choose the quality and format. The conversion process is quick and you can download your content within a second to your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

The tool is secure as well, it doesn’t store videos and photos on their servers.

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Download Twitter Videos on Smartphone

There are different mobile applications to download Twitter videos on your Android as well as an iOS device. All you need to do is download a third-party application and follow along.

How to download Twitter videos on Android?

To save the Twitter video to your camera roll in android here we will be using an application called the Download Twitter Videos. It is available in the play store for free. This application not only downloads Twitter videos but also downloads Instagram videos.

After you download the application follow the steps.

Step 1: Open the Twitter application on your phone and locate the tweet containing the video which you want to save to your camera roll.

Step 2: Tap on the share tweet icon and select Copy Link.

Step 3: Once done, open the Download Twitter Video Application and paste the link there which you have copied earlier.

Step 4: Tap on Download

The video will start downloading. You can access the downloaded video file from the same application and also from the gallery of your smartphone.

How to download Twitter videos on iPhone?

It is a little tricky to download video from Twitter to iPhone or any iOS device compared to android or Computer. Here we download the Documents by Reddle first on our iOS device. Once installed, we will go through the following steps.

Step 1: The first step is always the same i.e. to find the tweet containing the video which you want to download.

Step 2: Tap on the share tweet button and navigate to the copy tweet link.

Step 3: Open My Media application on your iPhone

Step 4: On the bottom right corner navigate to the browser icon.

Step 5: The app will take you to the in-app browser where you should open the website

Step 6: Paste the tweet link on the textbox and tap download. A new pop-up with the download link will appear. Tap download file and assign a name to a file.

Step 7: The video will be saved in this app only. To save it to your camera roll open the video in the app and tap on Save to Camera Roll.

Your video will be downloaded. You can enjoy it any time by accessing your camera roll.

How to Download Twitter DM video using Chrome Extension

A friend sent you an interesting video in your Twitter DM and you want to download it but don’t know how? Don’t worry here is an easy way to download Twitter DM.

Step 1: Add the Video Downloader Professional extension to Chrome from the web store.

Step 2: Open the Twitter website, navigate to the chat containing video.

Step 3: Play the video. As you play the video notification will pop up from a Video Downloader Professional extension.

Step 4: Click on the notification and the extension will provide you the option to download a video of different quality. Click on the preferred quality and the video will be downloaded automatically.

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