DJI has launched the second generation of entry-level drone – DJI Mini 2. Here, the company has dropped the Mavic moniker but is the successor to the Mavic Mini launched last year. It is slightly expensive than the first generation but includes an updated camera, more powerful motors, and a enhanced transmission technology. And the good news, Oliz Store has now made it available in Nepal. So, lets learn about the specs, features, expected price and availability of DJI Mini 2 in Nepal.

DJI Mini 2 Portable drone

DJI Mini 2 Specifications

Dimension  159 x 203 x 56mm (unfolded); 245 x 289 x 56mm. (Unfolded with propellers); 138 x 81 x 58mm (folded)
Weight  249 grams
Battery Capacity  2,250 mAh with 29W Max Charging Power
Camera  12MP 1/2-inch CMOS, f/2.8 aperture, 83° field-of-view
Flight Time  31 minutes (flying at 4.7m/s without wind)
Ascent Speed (Maximum)  4 m/s (S mode)
Descent Speed (Maximum)  5 m/s (S mode)
Video Transmission  OccuSync 2.0 (up to 10km)
Stabilization  Yes, 3-axis (tilt, roll, pan)
Mechanical Range — Pan: -20° to + 20° — Tilt:  -110° to + 350° — Roll:  ±35°
Max Controllable Speed  100°/s
Videos  4K videos up t 30fps
Companion App  DJI Fly (Android | iOS)

DJI Mini 2 Overview

Design and Controller

The Mini 2 resembles the original Mavic Mini’s exterior design. However, the internals are changed. Besides that, they even weigh nearly same, Mavic Mini at 248g whereas Mini 2 weighs 249g. This portable drone has dimension of 138 x 81 x 58mm when folded and can slide into your pocket. But when unfolded, the drone measures 245 x 289 x 56mm.

Meanwhile, compared to the drone the controller is a bit bigger. It comes with more advanced wireless communication tech and stronger antennas.


The Mini 2’s camera matches the Mavic Mini’s in resolution, angle of view and aperture i.e. 12MP camera with a ½.3” CMOS sensor. Stills can be saved in RAW or JPG at 12MP quality. Video has been upgraded from 2.7k to 4k, it can now record 4K@30fps at 100Mbps. A digital zoom feature is included, you can zoom 4x while shooting 1080p footage where it shrinks to 2x while shooting at 2.7K. Similarly, the camera is mounted on a three-axis gimbal for video stabilization.

DJI Mini 2 camera

Further, the camera comes with predefined QuickShots modes. The drone mode makes the drone fly back and up with the camera tracking the subject.  Likewise, the Helix mode makes the drone fly up and away with a spiraling motion around the subject. There is rocket mode that flies drone straight up with the camera focused downward the subject. Other mode is circle, which makes drone circle around the subject maintaining a certain altitude and distance. Finally, there’s also a boomerang mode when used follows a boomerang like oval path around the subject. At the same time, ActiveTrack, Hyperlapse and HDR are missing.

Flight Performance

As far as flight is concern, the Mini 2 comes with upgraded flight motors which allows faster acceleration and achieves top speed of 57km/hr. On top of that, it supports OcuSync 2.0 wireless tech which improves data transmission. Hence, the drone now has the range of 10km keeping the connection stable. Moreover, the flight time has also boasted up to 31minutes and can resist wind of up to 24mph.

DJI Mini 2 Controller

Safety Features

The drone comes with both GPS and GLONASS transceivers, that work to pinpoint the location on a map. The flight control app includes a Find My Drone feature that shows the last known location of the drone. Also, it features FlySafe system which prevents you from taking off in restricted airspaces.

Moreover, the Mini 2 lacks obstacles detection sensors.

Other Features

The DJI Fly app allows users to download the images and videos on their smartphone directly without the need of remote controller. The content gets downloaded at a speed of 20MB/s. Further, user can edit the images on the app and trim the video before downloading.

Fueling the Mini 2 is a 2250mAh battery. Though it supports 29W charging, only 18W charger brick is included.

DJI Mini 2 Price and Availability in Nepal

The Mini 2 comes in two different packaging. The standard packaging costs $449 whereas the Fly More Combo costs $599. The Fly More combo comes with three batteries, a charging hub and a carrying case.

In context to Nepal, the price of DJI Mini 2 is Rs 65,000. Enthusiast can make purchase vai Oliz Store. Similarly, the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo is up for pre-order at Rs. 86,000.

DJI DronePricePrice in Nepal
DJI Mini 2 – Standard$499Rs. 65,000 (Available)
DJI Mini 2 – Fly More Combo$599Rs. 86,000 (Pre-order)



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