Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smart Cell are three leading telecoms in Nepal providing mobile services like voice and data pack in the market. They have their own rates for voice and data. These companies bring new packages and offers for customers so that data and voice can be used at cheaper rates than regular rates. However, we are consuming expensive services without taking the packages as we don’t have full information about them.

Nepal telecom Data pack, NTC data pack

The result is an unnecessarily large expenditure on calls and data. Generally, mobile service providers have two types of service models in voice and data. One ‘Pay as You Go’ model and another is ‘Pack Model’.

In ‘Pay as You Go’ model, the user must pay the amount as much as he consumes voice and data. Meanwhile in the ‘Pack Model’, the user must buy the pack by paying a certain fee. Money goes to it whether you use it or not. However, if you go for the pack model, the service will be much cheaper than the pay as you go model.

The data pack is available in both ‘Pay as You Go’ and ‘Data Pack’ models. Telecom is providing one GB pack per day, unlimited pack for night, day pack, weekly pack, 28 day pack, 4G pack etc. These packs are very cheap in accordance with the ‘Pay as You Go’.

Using Telecom data in the ‘Pay as You Grow’ model costs Rs. 1 per MB. But, when you buy and use the data pack, you can use it for only two or three paisa.

How to buy Data pack in NTC?

If you use a lot of data on your mobile, it is best for you to use the packaged service. You can choose various data packs of Telecom by dialing *1415# directly from the company’s mobile app, website or mobile.

Even if it looks cheap per MB at a glance, if you buy the pack and don’t consume it in its entirety, then the data pack can be expensive. So, think carefully about your needs and usage before choosing the right data pack for you.

Today we are discussing which of the various data packs provided by Telecom may be suitable for you.

4G pack

Introduced for use only on the Forge network. The package offers a variety of options ranging from 1 to 28 days. The cheapest rate is 400 MB of data for 25 rupees a day. For which it comes to 6.25 paisa per MB.

Period Volume Price Rate per MB
1 day 100 MB Rs. 15 15 paisa
1 day 400 MB Rs. 25 6.25 paisa
7 days 1 GB Rs. 100 10 paisa
28 days 3 GB Rs. 260 8.67 paisa

Day pack

Telecom is offering day packs that can be used from 6 am to 6 pm. With only two options, data can be used cheaply at the rate of 6 paisa per MB.

VolumeValue Rate per MB
250 MB Rs. 15 6 paisa
120 MB Rs. 10 8.33 paisa

All time data pack

Under this, the company is offering 16 GB of data for 28 days at Rs 800. Accordingly, it costs Rs 50 per GB and Rs 5 per MB. This package is the cheapest option under this.

Under the All Time Data Pack you can choose different packages of 1 day, 3 days, 7 days and 28 days. Depending on how short the duration and price of the pack you choose, it will cost from 5 paisa to 15 paisa per MB. You can go to the All Time Data Pack by dialing *1415# to get the pack under it.

Period Volume Price  Rate per MB
1 day 100 MB Rs. 15 15 paisa
1 day 250 MB Rs. 25 10 paisa
3 days 500 MB Rs. 60 12 paisa
7 days 800 MB Rs. 100 12.5 paisa
28 days 2.5 GB Rs. 280 11.2 paisa
28 days 7 GB Rs. 500 7.14 paisa
28 days 16 GB Rs. 800 5 paisa

Large data pack

Telecom has also introduced large data packs for customers who want to take a lot of data for a long time. The cheapest option is 5 paisa per MB.

Usually in short-term packages there have been cases where the data pack isn’t completely utilized but it expires. But since it will last a long time, there won’t be such worries.

Once the data pack is taken, it is safe for two to four months. If you are worried about not being able to consume the pack, even if you have to pay a large amount in advance, this may be the most suitable option for you.

Duration Volume Value Rate per MB
60 days 30 GB Rs. 1600 5.33 paisa
120 days 60 GB Rs. 3000 5 paisa

One GB of data per day

Under this, the telco has been providing 1 GB of data per day for Rs 850 for 28 days. Accordingly, it costs Rs 30.36 per GB of data and Rs 3.4 per MB.

The company is also offering a total of 392 minutes of net voice bonus in this package so that you can talk within the network for 14 minutes per day for 28 days.

Similarly, the company provides 1 GB of data per day for seven days at Rs 250. The pack costs Rs 35.71 per GB and Rs 3.57 per MB. It also has a total of 98 minutes of net voice call bonus of 14 minutes per day for a week.

While taking this package for one day only costs Rs 45 per GB and Rs 4.5 per MB. But it is not given a voice call bonus.

Period Volume Price Rate Per MB
1 day 1 GB Rs. 45 4.5 paisa
7 days 7GB + 98 minutes voice Rs. 250 3.57 paisa (bonus 98 minutes voice)
28 days 28 GB + 392 minutes voice Rs. 850 3.4 paisa (392 minutes voice in bonus)

Stay connected pack

Telecom introduced this pack considering the epidemic of COVID-19 19. It is the cheapest option among the available data packs of the company.

You can use mobile data at 2 paisa per MB. But most of the data available in it can only be used on the 4G network.

If you’re in a place with 4G coverage and need a lot of data, this is the best option. Even if you take a 7-day pack four times, you only have to pay Rs 800 for 28 days.

Duration Volume Value Rate per MB
5 days 4 GB (1 GB All net + 3 GB 4G)Rs. 100 2.5 paisa
7 days  10 GB (2 GB All net + 8 GB 4G)Rs. 200 2 Paisa

Social media

If you are looking for a data pack that only uses YouTube or Facebook, Telecom has even given you the option. In this you will get the facility to use Facebook and YouTube on an unlimited basis.

Period Volume Price
3 days Unlimited FacebookRs. 55
3 days Unlimited YouTubeRs. 55
3 days 1 GB Facebook / YouTubeRs. 15

Unlimited data

The one-night validity package is priced at Rs 20. In it you can use data at regular speeds up to 1GB and then at limited speeds. This data pack should be used between 11pm and 6am.

You can also get an unlimited data pack that can be used for up to an hour. In this you can use unlimited call, data, and SMS services for a period of one hour for 20 rupees.

Postpaid pack

Telecom’s postpaid mobile users have to spend a minimum of Rs 384 per month as a rental charge on their mobiles. There is a separate rental charge even if you do not use any services or use only other voice and data packs.

Telecom has brought postpaid packs for convenience. If you take the basic package of Rs 384, you will get 8 GB of data for one month.

Accordingly, data can be used at 4.8 paisa per MB. Even in the prime package available at Rs 599, 6 GB of data is available. It comes with 6 GB of data, 400 minutes on the net, 50 minutes off the net and 200 SMS.


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