Are you looking for the best free unblocked games for school to play on your Chromebook? You’ve found it!! We are here to provide you with a wide selection of thrilling and fun games that can be enjoyed without worrying. Most importantly, without any restrictions.

There are tons of websites available on the internet which allow users to play free games over a browser. One website we mention here is loved by everyone who uses it. A website that has tons of games that are crazy and addictive. Whether you’re looking for classic arcade games, sports games, puzzles, or adventure titles – the Crazy Games Unblocked website has something to offer all types of gamers.

Crazy Games Unblocked

Crazy Games unblocked is the ultimate destination for gamers who love to play free online games unblocked. The Crazy Games site is easy-to-use which also enables quick access to all the available games so you can get into quick action. In short, crazy games unblocked offers free games and easy-to-play services, as you don’t require to download the application or any installation.

fun games to play on Crazy Games Unblocked

This website offers an extensive library of hundreds of titles in all types of categories, from classic arcade games to sports games, puzzles, and adventure titles. Not only will you find an extensive library of free games, but you will also discover exclusive games that are not available on other websites. The variety of options ensures that there’s something for everyone – from casual gamers to hardcore fans.

The games are easy to access and play in the browser, and they are designed to be highly addictive and fun. The website is regularly updated with new titles and genres, so you’ll never run out of things to play. If you’re looking for a great way to pass the time, then you should definitely check out Crazy Games. You won’t be disappointed!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore the Crazy Games universe and start playing the crazy games online.

Best Unblocked Games on CrazyGames

Are you looking for fun crazy games unblocked that you can enjoy on your desktop or phone? Definitely, there are uncountable games free to play on this website. However, we have listed one of the best games from the specific website so that you won’t need to worry about choosing the best game. These best crazy games will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment. Hold on and read till the end!

Merge Army

Merge Army

As the name suggests, the game is about merging the characters and making an army. Merge Army is a single-player game with addictive gameplay. If you start the game, you will be playing non-stop without the keep of time.

The game starts with 3 characters in the square box represented as land units. You can buy land units and characters as well. There are different types of characters with different abilities. Whenever you buy a character, a random character appears.

Now, the goal is to form an army by merging characters and getting into an arena battle with other teams. The opponent is a computerized team where the difficulty level increases along with the game level. So, you will need to buy and merge characters.

To buy character, you need to earn cash by competing against the opposing team. Characters should be of the same level and have the same abilities when they are merged.

The merge army game becomes more interesting when you level up and increase your army. In addition, you get the extra power-ups in the game to your advantage.

Hunter Hitman

Hunter Hitman

One of the fun action games available in crazy games is Hunter Hitman. Here, you play as a hitman character. The goal is to finish the level and upgrade to the next level. You should kill all the enemies to complete the particular level.

Gameplay is pretty simple, as one should sneak from enemies and attack them from behind. Each level is built with different obstacles, which can be taken as an advantage for completing the level.

An additional feature of the game is an upgradable character. You will get cards from the treasure box and also purchasable from in-game stores. As you combine 3 of the same cards, the card will upgrade, and the character will get more power as per the card used.

Hunter Hitman also lies in the strategy category along with the action. Have fun playing the game!

Top 6 Best 3 Player Games Unblocked For School Chromebook

Smash Karts

Smash Karts

An online 3D multiplayer car game, Smash Karts, is on the list of the top best online games unblocked. We personally felt this game was one of the interesting games that are on crazygames. Playing a 3D online game from a web browser is itself a crazy experience, plus it is multiplayer.

Smash Karts is played as cars in the arena. An arena consists of 8 players online. Each player’s goal is to win the round by destroying opponents and gaining points. Also, one should be dodging the attacks of others. If you get destroyed by others, then you will be respawned in 5 seconds. So, play the game and gain the skill to collect the powers from the boxes in the arena. The one with the highest number of kills will win the round.

As this is an online game, you can play with your friends up to a total of 8 players. However, everyone should have their own devices. One shall create the room and then share the code or ID of the room with other mates to play together against each other.

Have fun with your friends at work or school!

Paddle Battle

Paddle Battle

Crazy games are always updated with new games on their website. Following that, Paddle Battle is one of the new addition games on the site. Paddle Battle is a two-player game that can be played on the same device using different controls.

The game is played by controlling a ball. Each player controls the one-one ball. The goal is to hit the small ball with the big controllable ball to score a point. A point is scored by hitting the tiny ball in the opponent’s hollow area. The first player to reach the goal set will win, or if the time is up, the player with the highest point wins.

Grab your friend and sit beside you to have competitive fun!

Graffiti Time

Graffiti Time

A character whose journey is to paint graffiti over the streets of the planet. Join the journey by playing the character Mr. Fat Cap and have fun together. You will control the character by using keys WASD to move around and C key to painting the graffiti.

The game is based on levels where you need to paint your graffiti on specified areas. You can also art the free-hand paint at the end of the level. It gets more fun because there is an obstacle, and that is Robo Cops. You will need to avoid them to complete the level in peace. 

Moreover, you can buy graffiti art with the money you collect in the game levels. So, no need to worry about restrictions and blocks; you can still play this amazing game!

Basket Random

unblocked basketball game

Basket Random is a 2 player game where the gameplay is very much similar to the Basket Bros. Only difference in the game is there is no big head, and two character model is placed on a single team. 

The game is played using the ‘W’ key only, whereas the second player plays with the up arrow key. Whoever scores, the level is up by 1. The game finishes when any one player scores 5 points.

Additionally, there are several other games from creators which has similar gameplay. For example, Soccer Random, Boxing Random, and Volley Random. Play these games with your friends at school or work. Also, it is very much fun to play at home alone.

Helix jump

Helix jump unblocked

One of the favorite games of people when it was new for Android and iOS. Helix jump was one of the viral games developed by Voodoo, with millions were downloads on the apple store and google play store. Now, you can play your favorite games on a web browser from a mobile device or PC. No need to download and install to play.

The game is about completing the levels by reaching the bottom. The player must avoid the forbidden landing area by rotating the tower. The tower can be rotated 360 degrees. Also, you can gain invincible power by continuously jumping down and hitting a combo in a single tap.  By gaining invincible power, the ball can go through the forbidden area as well. 

Helix Jump is a boredom-killer game that can be addictive while playing.

EvoWars fps game

The first IO game on the list is EvoWars. EvoWars is an action-based battleground game available online for free. It is simply a 2D graphics game with interesting game play. 

You start with a warrior who is small, and the weapon is also small. There are orbs spread in the arena. Those orbs help to grow you and your weapon by increasing xp. Not only that, you grow bigger by knocking out the opponents. This is an online game where other players are real as well. 

When you are small, you move fast. Similarly, growing bigger will decrease your moving speed. So, being small is also an advantage to the game.

You can unlock different types of warrior skins by levelling up. The game is available for download on mobile app stores as well. 

Noob: Island Escape

adventure and strategic games unblocked

An amazing html5 game based on Minecraft. This game is a complete mini Minecraft. The story of survival, where players will need to mine and build things over a game to make their character survive. However, it is much easier to play than real Minecraft.

The game starts on a random island where your character wakes up from unconsciousness only to find out that the ship is broken into pieces. Without the ship, he can’t go back to his home island. The journey starts right from here. The game hints out on the top so that you will know what to do next or build next.

First of all, escape the unknown island and return to your own island. You can mine trees for wood and rocks for stones. Then build things on your island using your mines, buy lands to expand the area, and earn money by establishing a marketplace inside the game.

There are many things to know inside a game that you will find and know slowly by playing. Have a try at this game and check your survival skills. 

Moreover, you can save your progress and continue later. You may play from the beginning as well. So, the island escape game is an adventure game that provides a long time of fun. 

Enjoy building your island!



If you’re supposed to be working, it doesn’t mean that you need to be bored in the office. To remove your boredom, the Rodha game will be a perfect time passer.

Rodha is a simple game with simple logic to play. all you need to do is complete the level by dodging all the obstacles available in the level. The game has a similar theme to Super Mario. However, it is much easier and more fun as you need to jump left and right only.

Levels of the game are built as a platform where the ball jumps over platforms to complete the level. There are spikes over the levels which you need to dodge. It gets difficult and more difficult when you level up higher. The levels get longer but will have checkpoints in between. So that you won’t need to start over when you die.

You can collect stars between the levels. Those stars can be used for buying ball skins from the in-game store.

Try jumping on platforms while you work or on break at school!

Stickman: That One Level

Stickman: That One Level

One of the interesting strategy games on the crazy games web game portal is That One Level. The game is named Stickman, but the character is based on the squid game character. However, the name “That One Level” perfectly defines the game.

The game is about a level which is a prison room. Here you need to play to help the character to escape the room. However, it is quite tricky as you are trapped in the same level but need to complete it in different ways. It’s a trap that you are in the same room again and again. But completing the level with a tiny intelligence is what the game is all about.

Sometimes, games play with the laws of physics, while sometimes, controls are the opposite. There is lava in some levels and a boss enemy which attacks you. Lots of fun and confusion in this game, but the only goal is to get the key and unlock the door to move to the next level. 

Try escaping the room while experiencing an adverse event inside the game!


Mahjong puzzle game

A popular puzzle game, Mahjong, is also the favourite game of many people of any age group. Basically, Mahjongg is a classic Chinese tile game. There is a total of 144 tiles in the game, divided into three groups, dots, bamboo, and characters. You will also find some bonus tiles that will be flowers and dragons.

Mahjong has a very basic traditional rule to play. Tiles are stacked and piled where you need to clear them all by matching two identical tiles. So, the rule is to match two same tiles, but tiles that are unblocked from any single side, right or left, can be selected. if a tile is touched from both sides by other tiles, then it can’t be selected.

Mahjong can help in sharpening the human brain. So, try playing these types of games for free!

Funny Shooter 2

shooting games unblocked

Crazygames website with crazy games justifies the name, right? One of the crazy fun games on the site is funny shooter 2. This a shooting game with a first-person shooter perspective gameplay. Funny Shooter 2 comes with 3D graphics, which makes it top-notch. So, search the game and start playing right now!

The game is level based, where you need to roam around on every level and kill enemies. You can upgrade your weapons while progressing in the game. There is a wide selection of weapons like guns, throwables, explosives, and others. 

It is more fun because every new level introduces new types of enemies. Whereas every 10-level upgrade will introduce a new boss enemy. There is a lot more offering from this game. you will know it when you start playing funny shooter games.

Best 4 Player Unblocked Games to Play at School

Madalin Cars Multiplayer

car racing game

We have mentioned a few of the Madalin Cars games from the Madalin series in our other articles. Madalin Cars Multiplayer game is a popular car racing game.

The game starts with a car where you can select any one car from the list of a huge collection. Interestingly, you can customize the car you have selected and tune in as you want. Customizing shows how deeply you are interested in cars and your passion for cars.

All you need to do is race with other online players around the world. there is a wide range of maps to race in. From immense desert landscapes to ascending mountain hills. Also, you can unlock new maps as you progress in the game.

Competing with online players is massively fun because you will find crazy drivers on dangerous courses. That’s what it makes fun and interesting.

One Line

One Line

A puzzle game, One Line, is about saving a man from experiencing adverse effects. You will need to harness the power of one line to shield the dangers ranging from intense precipitation like water rain and spikes falling down. There are bees to irate giants and also bullets that need to be escaped. 

The defenseless man has nothing and needs your to make him survive those dangers. Make sure that you create a perfect line without any gaps because bees can enter, and water can slip through the cracks. You can take the physics to your advantage to save him.

Another similar game is Save My Pets, where a dog is trapped, and bees will attack it. Try playing these games and make a perfect line to save someone’s life.

Unblocked Music Apps To Enjoy Music At School

Moto X3M

moto x3m dirt bike games

Crazy Moto X3M is a bike stunt game. People who are fond of bikes will surely love this game. Usually, children who are under 15 love to play these types of games. 

Moto X3M consists of a few levels which need to be completed. Each level is built with different obstacles. Players should complete the levels in a given period of time. 

With the increasing level of difficulty, you also get a chance to perform various stunts. Not only that, there are challenges as well that can be completed while playing the game. Nevertheless, new motorbikes can be bought from the money earned after completing a level.

Hit a try in this game and make a flip!

Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers, also known as It is an IO game completely web browser-based game. These games need no downloads or installations and can be played through browsers on computers and mobile devices.

About Shell Shock, it is an FPS shooter game where characters are portrayed as egg shells. The egg is customizable, so make it unique. Play this game and kill as many enemies as possible to win. This means you need to try hard to survive and kill others to be in benefit.

Moreover, there are four different game modes to play. Try each of them and conquer each mode. 

There are several other similar games on site, one of them is the game. However, Krunker might not be suitable for all age groups because of its violence and blood stamps. holds perfect gameplay for a young child as well.

So, be an egg, think like an egg, and kill an egg!

Fields of Fury

Fields of Fury

Are you a gunman? If yes, then this game will suit you the best. Fields of Fury is an action-packed real-time strategy game based on World War II, developed by Kiloo.

In this game, players take the role of daringly brave soldiers and must help their side to victory while avoiding death. The game has three classes to choose from and play, trench gunner, rifleman, and machine gunner. In machine gunner, the player will be holding a machine gun and will be placed in the middle of the field. Whereas trench gunner class will have the player on the close range with enemies. Similarly, a rifleman is a long-range fighter.

The ultimate goal is to defend your flag and capture the enemy flag to win the game. Rifleman can defend the flag by taking the enemies from a good distance. Overall, the game is pretty interesting when it’s an intense battle. 

TikTok Trends: Boyfriend Fashion

TikTok Trends: Boyfriend Fashion

A unique game on the list is specially made for young girls. This girl’s game is about makeup and dressing up. One with an interest in being a makeup artist can try this game.

There are tools for makeup, piercing, dressing, and a few other styles. Players can use those and style the model inside the game. 

Can you be a make-up artist? Check it out by playing this game!

Unblocked Sites To Watch Videos At School

Street Freekick 3D

Street Freekick 3D

If you are searching for a good ball game that can be played on a phone, then Street Freekick 3D will be the best option. This game can be played on a phone or tablet, or computer through the browser. Freekick is about penalty shoot outs. The player should show their skill to score a point by scoring the ball in the soccer net.

How good are you at a ball game? Can you control the ball in this game? Let’s find out!

You can control the ball with the mouse on Chromebook and by dragging it on the mobile screen. The net is placed in certain areas with different points. The top corners are 90 points, the top row below the bar is 40, right and left sides are 70 points. 

The level increases when certain points are matched. Also, there are only a few balls to continue for a streak. If you finish all the provided balls, the game ends. The difficulty increases at every new level. Make sure you have the highest points and break your own PR in the next round. 

Gain your skill right now!


Usually, games and music sites are restricted by school networks or some private restricted areas. Certain websites bypass these restrictions and allow you to play your favorite games from anywhere. So you can enjoy unblocked games without worrying about your privacy.

Similarly, crazygames allows you to play games without using a VPN service that schools block. Crazy games have tons of unblocked games that are easily playable in a browser on any device.

The games listed above are some of the best games from the website that game lover most play. You can try those games above and also other games from the website. There is something for everyone. Surely some of them will be your favourite games.


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