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Colors is an electronics manufacturing company based on Nepal. It was founded on 2009 as Nepal’s first OEM brand. Colors Mobiles became one of the leading and most demanded brands by 2011 in Nepal. In 2011, the company started manufacturing home appliance as well. Then in 2012, they launched Nepal’s first dual core and octa-core smartphone in market which came with MediaTek chipsets. Same year, they launched their Refrigerator and Chest Freezer in Nepal and expanded the range of products. Due to the affordable price tag of smartphones, it became the No. 1 selling brand in Nepal in 2014.

Talking about going international, this brand was getting sold in other countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar and many other countries including some in Africa. In 2015, it collaborated with Microsoft and launched the first Microsoft OS based smartphone. By 2017, Colors became one of the largest mobile handset manufacturing company with widest distribution and after sales service networks.

Then in 2018, they launched Colors LED TV in Nepal which was followed by the launch of washing machines and air conditioner in Nepal.


Colors Mobiles Price in Nepal

There are both Feature and Smartphones available in the market. The table below shoes the list of Colors Smartphones that are currently available in Nepal.

Colors Smartphones in NepalPrice in Nepal
Pride 1Rs. 2,850
Pride P20Rs. 4,345
Pride 1ARs. 5,585
Pride 5CRs. 6,790
Pride 1ERs. 6,999
Pride 5ERs. 7,925
Pride 1xRs. 8,495
Pride 7SRs. 8,499
S1Rs. 9,995
Pride 5XRs. 9,999

These were the available smartphones of Colors in Nepal right now. Now, table below shoes the available feature phones of Colors in Nepal.

Colors Features Phone in NepalPrice in Nepal
CL 100 X-PressRs. 999
CL 110 MusicRs. 999
CL 101 LITERs. 1,005
CL 100 StarRs. 1,049
CL 101 MusicRs. 1,195
CL 101 PowerRs. 1,282
CL 200 StarRs. 1,299
CL 218Rs. 1,359
CL 101 miniRs. 1,400
CL 101Rs. 1,499
CL 280Rs. 1,849
CL 201 PowerRs. 2,500


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