If someone tries to gain access to your Google Account, you will receive a pop-up message. If it is not related to you, that is, you are not trying to log in, then Google suggests you to use Two-way authentication.

Incase if you are not looking to log in for that access and you have received such messages, the best way to keep your Google Account secure is to use two-way authentication.

If you have two-way authentication, if someone is trying to access your Google Account without your knowledge, you can block that person immediately.

This means that two-way authentication is required. However, it is best to change your Google password yourself over a period of 3 months at most. This is because if you are constantly changing your password, such problems are less likely to occur.

So here we are giving you information on when and how to change Google’s password. If your account is accessed or hacked, you need to change your password immediately and keep it strong.

Google has an easy process for that. However, you may not know where to go and how to change your password. So here we are teaching you how to change Google’s password. Initially, your Google Account must be logged in through a web browser.

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How to change Google Account password?

If you have a Google Account logged in to your web browser, you will see a circular photo on the side of that browser with your logged in account. When you click on the photo, you will get the option ‘Manage your account’. Or you can search by typing directly into that browser.

If so, your Google profile will open there. On the left side of the page there is an option called ‘Security’.

Google account setting

When you click on that option, there will be various options available. In the meantime, click on the ‘Recent Security Activity’ option and then click on ‘Review Security Event’.

recent security activity in google account

Clicking on it will provide information about unauthorized access to your Google Account. If no such activity has taken place in the last 28 days, the screen will be notified that no such activity has taken place.

security activity and alerts

If you haven’t changed your password in a long time and any unauthorized access to your Google Account has been attempted, below that you will be given the option to change Google’s password. Click on the ‘Change your password’ option.

google change password prompt

When you click on that option, Google will ask you to login once with your current username and password. Allows you to change Google’s password when you log in.

You can change your Google password by following this procedure. However, when you change your password, Google will ask you to logout from all devices. In that case, you need to click on the option to logout from all devices.

If you do not do so, your Gmail will not be logged out from other devices, and hackers will continue to gain access to your Google Account. However, it will be necessary to enable two-way verification at the end as mentioned earlier.


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