Sony to disclose its 2020 flagship and is rumored to be the Xperia 5 Plus. This device is referred to as Xperia 1.1. As the company has already hinted towards the announcement of its next generation flagship phone in MWC 2020.
Xperia 5 plus,Sony Xperia 5 plus, Xperia 1.1, Sony Xperia 1.1
Xperia 5 Plus or Xperia 1.1 could be the first 5G smartphone from Sony to feature Qualcomm’s high end Snapdragon 865. Which is paired with the Snapdragon X55 5G modem. As the renders of the Xperia 5 Plus, it will include dual front speakers and five cameras on the rear panel. And has support for IP68 dust proof and waterproof and NFC could be on deck.

Xperia 5 plus camera,Sony Xperia 5 plus camera, Xperia 1.1 camera, Sony Xperia 1.1 camera

According to the latest rumor, the camera setup on the device will include a 64 MP unit. Along with, two 12 MP modules, a periscope unit and a 2 MP ToF unit joining these cameras. As per our assumption 64 MP module will be used for shorter telephoto distance. And therefore the periscope unit will take over 5x approximately zoom. This camera are likely to shoot 8K video as well.
Scanty details of this device are surfaced but we’ll hear more about the device as soon we get closer to Sony’s MWC event along with possibility of other devices Xperia o and Xperia  1 Premium.
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