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Google has released a new Android version. That is to say, Android 11 almost a month ahead of its usual schedule which should be on March.  Developer Preview 1 of Android 11 is available now. But for the supported devices (Pixel 2/2XL, 3/3XL, and 4/4XL). However, the version shouldn’t be used by the general users as it is in the developing state. As a result, this version of the Android will bring some interesting features.
Gadgets & widgets , Android 11 roadmap, android 11 launch

Google has planned release of Android 11 in 2020:

According to the following schedule.

  • February- Developer Preview 1
  • March- Developer Preview 2
  • April- Developer Preview 3
  • May- Public Beta 1
  • June- Public Beta 2
  • July- Expected: Public Beta 3
  • August- Expected: Final Release
Developer previews released during early this month focuses on adding new APIs. Most of the other features will be unveil during its I/O developer conference. Beta version of this software will be made available to public. And Beta 2 will be major milestone, labeled Platform Stability in the development of Android 11. Beta 2 will be made available somewhere in June.


Android 11 will feature a dedicated conversation section in the notification shade for ongoing conversation. Bubbles for every messaging and chat app will be available to keep conversation accessible. This new version will allows to insert images into notification replies directly.


Android 11 will bring updated connectivity APIs with improved speed and latency that 5G offers. Unmetered connection can be checked which allows apps to offer higher-res consuming more data. Bandwidth estimator API helps developer to figure out how much downstream/upstream bandwidth is available. Call screening service improvements, Wi-Fi suggestion API enhancement. And Pass point enhancements are also available.

Privacy and Permissions

One time permission for location, microphone and camera is available which means apps can access the permission until you move away from the app and then they must ask you again. Repeated requests for permission in a specific permission group is discourage.

Dark theme enhancement and Screen recording

Based on time of the day dark theme will be automatically turned on and off. Custom setting to turn on and off dark theme will be present according to the user preference.
With a new quick settings tile screen recording will also be available in Android 11.


New double-tap gesture triggers the Google Assistant when performed on the back of the device. By default it opens Google Assistant but can be changed to open camera app. Motion Sense gesture to pause music is also available for Pixel 4 and 4XL.


Developer can download the Android 11 Developer Preview 1 full factory images here and OTA files here. The preview is compatible with Pixel 2/2XL, 3/3XL, and 4/4XL. But if you feel skeptical about installing an unstable Android 11 build, you have to wait till June and get hands on to Public Beta 2.


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