It is rumored that Apple is going to launch a new handset. Currently, the phone is said to be iPhone 9 which is going to be launched. Meanwhile, it is also said to be that the phone is also known as the iPhone SE 2.
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Apple is expecting to come up with an affordable iPhone model and it is rumored to be the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2. The new upcoming iPhone is more likely to be similar with the 2017 iPhone 8. But the screen size of iPhone 9 or SE 2 will be bigger than the iPhone 8. It is also said to be thicker than the iPhone 8.


The iPhone 9 will be having the face id recognition support which is currently not available in iPhone 8. It seems like iPhone 9 was missed in 2017 when the Apple launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 series. But now with concept of affordable phone after the iPhone 11 series. And Apple has came up with the iPhone 9 concept which is also said to be the iPhone SE 2.

iPhone 8 had the screen size of 4.7-inch. And Apple is planning to bring out the iPhone 9 in the same body size. But with bigger screen up to 5.2-inch size. If iPhone 9 gets launched then the graph of the iPhone smartphones buyer will be increased. As it can be affordable in mid range phone.
Whereas, apple as planned to get rid of TouchID system. And, replace it with the FaceID system in order to get the bigger screen.


Also, the new iPhone 9 may have longer battery life than the iPhone 8. Upgrading the cameras may be seen in iPhone 9. There are lot more changes that may be noticed if the new iPhone gets launched or officially notify by the Apple. Rumored that Apple is going to launch the iPhone 9 on 31st March 2020, which is now to be confirmed officially.

Update: the iPhone SE 2020 has already been launched.



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