Till now we have seen bunch of 5G smartphones. Some of them are already launched in Nepal. But the big question is “When are we getting 5G in Nepal?” For this, Government is working to provide 5G in Nepal.

First of all, the government is going to determine the frequency for 5G mobile technology. Out of the available frequencies in Nepal, preparations are ongoing to make a suitable frequency for 5G.

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Frequency Management Forum for 5G in Nepal

For this, the government has formed a frequency management forum. In association with Nepal Telecommunication Authority board member Mr. C. Mani Chaulagain. There is Mr. Ananda Raj Khanal, Information Technology Expert of the Ministry and Senior Director of Nepal Telecommunication Authority. Mr. Anup Nepal, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communication. And Mr. Ambar Sthapit, Director of NEA.

Similarly, Mr. Pradip Poudel, Deputy Director of NEA. As well as one representative each from Nepal Telecom and Ncell have been placed on the meeting.

Work Till Now

The forum will determine the appropriate frequency for 5G in Nepal and make suggestions to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority. The forum will select the appropriate frequency for Nepal by studying the frequencies being used for 5G internationally as well as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Marks and Measurements for 5G Network in Nepal

According to the progress made so far, out of the frequencies of 700, 2300, 2600, 3300 and 3600 MHz bands for 5G. Only suitable frequency may be recommended as per the need, said the source. According to the source, these frequencies are not currently in use in Nepal. However, the same frequency is used at the international level, it is seen that it can be used in 5G.

Not only that, the international practice has shown that the frequency band above 3600 MHz can also be used. Therefore, it has been mentioned that the forum will recommend to the NEA by next week. Only after selecting the most economical frequency in terms of Nepal’s environment and cost.

Based on the recommendations made by the forum, the authority will send a letter to the Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee. Then they will try to determine the frequency. On the same basis, the committee will determine the frequency for 5G.

Once the frequency is determined, it will be distributed to the telecom companies. Then telecom companies will need to bid for the frequency. After these process 5G service will be started in Nepal.



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